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Peace Restored at Room to Inspire!


Well,  we’d just like to say thanks so much to so many of our lovely customers.

You’ve braved the noise, vibrations and disruption in the last week whilst the piling took place across the road! But now we’ve waved goodbye to the piling machine.

We’re delighted to report that our precious clocks, mirrors and wall art remained fixed to the wall throughout the ordeal – no casualties thankfully.

Although the development on Sandford Street contributes to the parking issues on this side of Lichfield, we are still only a short walk from the Bird Street car park.

And if you’re taking the scenic route, we are just a couple of minutes from the edge of Beacon Park.

Not long now till the new multi-storey opens!

One thought on “Peace Restored at Room to Inspire!

  1. Joy Chittock

    Hi, I’m Joy – I work at Room to Inspire on Wednesdays. I love coming in and seeing what’s new! I save looking around until I have done two of my chores (cashing up and running the vacuum around). Then, the dusting, which gives me chance spot the latest additions to Judith’s stunning array! I will confess to buying a set of MINE plates – bang went a whole days salary – but worth it! I love using those plates and they are much admired.


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