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Meet The Experts at Room to Inspire

Mirror on Easel

Come and Meet the Experts at Room to Inspire!

We are delighted to welcome the following guests to share their expertise with our customers.


Saturday 20th July


Jon from Go Antique in Birmingham will be showing off his skills and displaying some of his unique items.

Whenever we have pieces from Go Antique in the shop, it’s not long before they’re snapped up but it’s always such a wrench to let them go,  we love each one so much!

James from Take A Seat in Lichfield will be displaying his expertise in upholstery.

Nigel from Lichfield Frames is an experienced and imaginative framer who also sells artwork

We all look forward to welcoming our customers on the 20th July at the launch of our Week of Vintage Inspiration! Hope you can make it!




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