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Take a look at Room to Inspire’s custom lampshades

Have you ever considered a custom made lampshade?

At Room to Inspire we can make simple shades to suit your personal taste and indeed several satisfied customers have already used this service. We’ve also collaborated in design projects by providing unusual sized shades.

A new shade might be all you need to change the feel of a room, but it’s often tricky to find exactly what you want. That’s where we come in! We can make shades with your own fabric, or source something new and fresh for you from our own fabric suppliers.It might be just the ticket to liven up that dreary old lamp you’ve been hiding in the corner – and it won’t break the bank.

Why not come over and take a look at the shades we have in store. That way you can see the quality and consider the possibilities. It might even spark a few more ideas!

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